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“Shemrock South Park School provides quality education through playful environment.” Morshed Chisty, Vice Chairman & Director Operation of SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK School



Bangladeshmoves, 22 March, 2017: Apart from education services rendered by public schools across the country, various private schools are being operated countrywide which have already gained reputations for quality education in Bangladesh. The name of Shemrock South Park International Franchise English Medium School can be recalled here which can be imparted as one of the best educational institutions at private level. In fact, it is a Franchise School based in India having 625 branches across the globe.  The philosophy of the school is to provide theme based education applying various technological instruments. The school provides education with international standard equipped with Cambridge Curriculum and dreams for a school are a famous one.

Despite the provision of education in English, the school squarely emphasizes on the mother language- Bengali. Moreover, Shemrock South Park, International Franchise English Medium School is committed to unleash the burden on students and make a school into a domain envisioned in the dream.  Education through playful environment is a unique philosophy of the school upon which it can be differentiated to others. Various extra curriculum activities have been engrossed in to the entire services of the school which include teaching French and Arabic languages, music, painting, art and crafts, integrated research education, cultural programs, etc. To make the students acquainted with digital world, the entire school campus is Wi-Fi internet connected with Hi-tech facilities like all other international school around the world.

SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School currently located at 14/1 Avoy Das Lane, Murad Road, Tikatuli, Dhaka-1203 and mitigating the demand of English Medium School since there is a lack of quality English Medium School in Old Dhaka compared to New Dhaka.While  Md. Shafiqul Islam is its Chairman while Syed Azanur Rahman and Mr. Malak Khan are  its Vice Chairman, Morshed Chisty is its Vice Chairman & Director Operation.

On part of eliminating the need for quality education in Old Dhaka, S. M. Morshed Chisty, Vice Chairman & Director Operation of SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School, being in the forefront,  has been providing education service since 2015.  It is noted that he is an enthusiastic person in education and completed his Masters in Management and EMBA in Marketing. He is one of the  founders of this school and a guest speaker of “A matter of Principal’s” working globally with several educational Institutions in India, China, Nepal, Italy, USA and Canada. Recently we talked with Mr. S.M. Morshed to unveil the secret of his success and know about the real aspect of education in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshmoves: Why have you chosen SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School to contribute to your achievement in education in Old Dhaka?

Morshed Chisty: Well, you know the concerned department in education of the Government of Bangladesh is encouraging to private participation in providing education in Bangladesh.  In echoing the call, we have taken an initiative to set up this a school in 2015 and have been trying our best to extend education to the offspring of the residents of this part of Old Dhaka since then where education in English was totally a novel viewpoint. To ensure quality education it was imperative to have an excellent management module which could only be developed through the experience of times. You know SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School is an international educational institute having years of working experience with various nations in the world which inspired me to  contact with them and take their entire feature of education in our venture. Since resident of Tikatuli was less aware of importance of English for the future career, I thought the entire framework of SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School may contribute a lot to them to understand the importance of English as a medium of education.6201_516719498532638_7324878113782724885_n

Bangladeshmoves: What do you think about the approach best suited for educating the students where most of them are afraid of going to school?

Morshed Chisty: You have rightly mentioned that many students of elementary level feel scarce in going to school where they feel school a mess and thus they try to mislay concentration. Here we are special, as we have focused on this issue before that we have reshaped our curriculum thus the students may be interested in coming to school rather than to drop out.  Our Education is provided through gaming which is contributing to eliminate formal stiffness typically found in many schools of the country. In addition, application of modern audio-visual technique is helping students to be more attractive to school. Friendly approach of the teachers has also contributed to make them school friendly.

Bangladeshmoves: Some argues that education in English may detach the entire generation from the mother language – Bengali. What do you think about that?

Morshed Chisty: Well, it is most likely that medium of education is in   English may make the students fanatic to English culture rather than Bengali culture.  However, the fact is that we uphold the cultural norm of Bangladesh despite the language is English. Upon focusing on cultural and religious value in English, we try to create an environment so that students may be absorbed in English language but remains a true Bangladeshi.  In consequence, a student may be fit to both his society and society beyond it.

Bangladeshmoves: To run an English Medium School, it requires high caliber teachers. What is the shortfall in this regard?

Morshed Chisty: Fine, It is a tougher job to find out suitable teachers. Thank Allah that we have managed to weave an excellent team of teachers who have been contributing quality education in SHEMROCK SOUTH PARK, International Franchise English Medium School since its inception. With their skill we have already crossed many hurdles and able to attract guardians to admit into their children.

Bangladeshmoves: Do you have any plan to expand branches of your school across the country?

Morshed Chisty: Yes, we are preparing to expand branches of our school with the experience gained past years. We believe that providing good education is a prerequisite to a successful business in education. The faith and trust upon which we advance, must be maintained with due diligence. Any amputation may be a disaster to us.

Bangladeshmoves: What are the additional services providing to the students?

Morshed Chisty: Well, we are providing information support to the parents of the students who deem that their children should be placed in suitable institutes of the foreign countries.  In fact, we provide accurate and updated information of the institutes famous across the globe have reputation in quality education. To discharge the service, we do not impose any service charge and parents take the whole responsibility and going to the school they pay entire cost.

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(Interview was taken by Muhammad Shamim Akhter on 22 March 2017)

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