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Archive for December, 2013

A GD (No.933) was filed at Pallabi PS against 01686823886 for threat message to me of number 01914042834

The threat had been posed against me through SMS on12 December,2013,upon that effect a GD had been lodged at Pallabi PS. The scanned copy of the GD is given below:

Proposal for new electoral procedure in Bangladesh

By Abul Kalam Azad:  The unified national laws which should be passed in our National Parliament are not allowed to do so due to the influence of the party. The members of the parliament keep up the interest of their voters while sit in the parliament being gone out the box of the local necessity never […]

“I’m like the god if everything follows on Awami League,otherwise,like the beast” – Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed

    For last few months, the former Prime Minster along with some other politicians and some columnists producing fabricated information and statement against me. The sum and substance of the statement is that Awami League was defeated by means of fraud (karchupi) in the national parliamentary election held in October and I played role […]


    <Muhammad Shamim Akhter> Since the inception of the holiday in Friday, most probably, during the regime of Ershad, some people opposed it and placed their demands to make the holiday in Sunday,instead of Friday. However, most of the people did not show their vigorous supports for the demands , only the names of […]

NGOism in Bangladeshi politics in 2007

<Muhammad Shamim Akhter> Our country experienced different ‘isms’ in different times. Communism, Militarism, Socialism, but the countrymen could not anticipate that they have to take the flavor of NGOism .It is really a new phenomenon. Whatever the western theorist define it we define it as the ‘NGOism’ dealing in the poverty with the fund of […]

A (u) tale of fish fry with the oil of fish

                          Muhammad Shamim Akhter, 26-12-2006  A. At the dawn of nineteenth century the Australian Baptist missionary established ‘Garo Baptist Union (G, B, U) at Birishiri at Mymensing in Bangladesh . This is the biggest place of Baptist Missionary in the country. From here the […]


  Bangladeshmoves Desk, 17 September, 2010: An alarming news has knocked the nation. Amidst hundreds of problems, flood has brought another curse to us. Yesterday the news channel has showed the picture of flood which has already inundated about twelve northern districts of Bangladesh . It is internationally known that Bangladesh does not suffer from […]

BDR Revolt: A deadly strategic game plan

 Written by :  Shah Mohammed Saifuddin India has its own agenda to diminish our defense capability because it needs a subservient military in Bangladesh to easily establish total domination on 4096 km Indo-Bangla border and use our defense and intelligence resources to its advantage to quell ongoing insurgencies in its North East region. India’s abortive misadventure […]

“No virtual trouble with beef, but trouble with Himu!!!”

    Muhammad Shamim Akhter, 16 September, 2010: A. Alhamdulillah. Amidst anthrax phobia, we have bought beef from our local unauthorized butcher soap in front of Muhammadi Dry Cleaner’s at Pallabi, Dhaka and have eaten beef without any trouble this Eid. So far I know, some ‘Bihari’ butchers have been slaughtering cow for about 15 […]

Is Chittagong Hill Tracts region going to be East Timor ?

  BM Desk, 10 August, 2009 : Lastly our anticipation has come to true. Bangladesh Government lead by Awamil League has declared to pull out Military force from Hill tracts area that may be defined as the cowardly return without any vacillation. Foreign aided and nourished terrorist organization ‘Santibahini’ that had killed hundreds of Bangaale […]

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