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Archive for October, 2013

Right of passer -by is taken away

      BM  Desk , 2 July 2007 : Just think: who is the most helpless road user in any part of Bangladesh even in the world? Obviously, the answer shall be the passers-by. Because they have no expensive vehicles. Unfortunately, the rights of this part of the road users are ignored and the […]

Cigarettes are sold to the illegal shop

BM investigation , 2nd July ,2007 : Cigarette is becoming more and more hatred element in Bangladesh as well as in the globe. Except its medicinal use in some cases, its vast use as the addictive substance to cut the pocket is making legal barrier in different parts of the world. Even in Bangladesh , […]

RAJUK VS REHAB : Why does the conflict ?

BM DESK, 2 May 2007: Recently the body of building developer REHAB (Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh met with the press to claim the irresponsible and slow process of passing the plan of RAJUK ( rajdhani Unnayan Katripakha) , the government body to inspect the plan and approve whether the plan matches with […]

Eng. M.Mojaffor Uddin neither loved country nor Allah

  Bangladeshmoves Desk ,16th April 2007 ::  Nearly one year back I used to live at Fakir Pool ( Hussein Mansion ) match with some security guards of RAJUK and one shop keeper adjacent to the RAJUK building at Dilkhusa in Dhaka .The Security guards and the shop keeper belonged to Tangail and Madaripur respectively. […]

Dhaka’s public bus is the source of all evil

BM Research: For the massive economic development the role of transportation system is more significant than any other sector. Realizing the truth Bangladesh Government has allocated 1294 crore taka for the Ministry Communications (except railway).With the aid of the Government the road was increased of road from 16070 KM in the year 1995 to 22378 KM […]

Business in the footpath: empirical overview

BM research, Dhaka, 7 February, 2007: Since gambling, lotteries are socially forbidden in Bangladesh , peoples are eager to do business to run their livelihood. A country nearly 14 billion peoples occupied the country. It is hard to imagine about a country, nearly 14 billion peoples occupied, how they can survive ,while, according to the […]


India now envisages increasing the contribution of nuclear power to overall electricity generation capacity from 2.8% to 9% within 25 years. By 2017, India ‘s installed nuclear power generation capacity will increase to 10,080 MW. As of 2009, India stands 9th in the world in terms of number of operational nuclear power reactors. Indigenous atomic […]

Cantonment Board High School, Mirpur at a perilous phase: Exam on 16 April, 2011 was inflicted by unfairness.

  Bangladeshmoves Investigation, 16 April, 2011 : While it is thought to be the best management under cantonment, it is seen a perilous experience when our camera has the chance to hold such bizarre pictures which tell the lowest standard of education the school provides. A school named by ‘ Cantonment Board High School ‘, […]

Expensive education headed the guardian corrupt

Bangladeshmoves Desk,15 September, 2007 : There is a proverb : education is the backbone of a nation. Education is the nourishment of the primitive form of human nature . Through the education humankind is molded according to the need and suitability of the society and state in large extent and so the state arranges education […]

Immigration Detention Guide

  Bangladeshmoves Research, 21 April, 2011 : For the tightening the bond among the international communities we are very advanced and so we should point out any field where the relation dropped in the ditch. In the case for students and immigrants have no prior idea about the detention entertainment. We serve for the better […]

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